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    How to assign team members

    James Mcfarlane Newbie

      Ariba Members,


      I'm new to Start Contracts and the sole user. I set up a test contract. As a start, I want to add team members so they can receive emails posted to the message board. For instance a team member from Legal could review a contract. I was able to add some groups- [Edit > Team]; "Legal", and "Procurement Agent" within the system group named "Internal Stakeholders."


      However the groups Legal and Procurement Agent seem meaningless unless I can link them to a person, i.e. name and email address. I basically would like some feedback on know how to add team members that can receive emails from the system. I clicked on just about everything but don't see a way to assign any team attributes to anything. Does anyone have ideas on this?


      Thank You,


      Jim Mcfarlane

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