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    On-Premise 9r2 Downstream Feature - Queue Management

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      As part of the 9r2 Readiness series, on January 23rd, 2014 Ariba conducted a webinar on the upcoming 9r2 Downstream feature - Queue Management

      Webinar Date/Time: Janaury 23rd, 2014, 11 AM ET


      Webinar Speaker: Hari Babu Krishnan (hkrishnan@ariba.com and hari.krishnan@sap.com)


      Webinar Presentation and Recording: https://connect.ariba.com/ACgo2/1,,152530,00.html


      We will use this forum to answer the questions that came up in the webinar and any additional questions on this feature that you may have. Please feel free to raise any questions as a comment, so that we can answer here and get the entire community benefitted.


      Answers for the queries raised in the Webinar






      What happens to notifications if an Approval Queue is created?

      When an approval queue is created for a group no notification will be sent thereafter. It is for the Queue Manager and Queue Members to work on the items in the Queue. When the Queue gets deactivated and when the processing returns to legacy behavior, then the notifications are enabled.


      Can there only be one Queue Manager per queue?

      Queue Manager can be a single user or a group of users.


      If a queue member picks an item from queue; will that item be visible to other queue member?

      No, it will be moved from queue and is NOT visible to other members. However a Queue Manager can see who is working on what item.


      Will the queue items be visible in the "To Do" portlet? Or will the queue have its own portlet?

      It will be visible in the To Do Portlet of a user once he has the item through assignment from the manager or by acquiring it from Queue.


      If "Members Can Acquire Items" is unchecked (during Queue Creation), will all members of the group still receive an email notification that an item is pending their review/action or just the Queue Manager

      No, when an approval queue gets created, any document assigned for this group will not generate any notifications.


      Is the assignee notified when an approvable is assigned to him/her?

      NO. Notifications are suppressed. When the user logs in he / she would see it in his/her ToDo List.


      Can you do a bulk assign/un-assign?

      Yes, it is possible. There is Multi-Select checkbox - that can be used to select multiple items in the table and then- assign/reassign/return when logged in as a Queue Manager; acquire/return when logged in as a Queue Member.


      Assignment age resets when the item is reassigned?

      Yes, it is reset for every re-assignment


      Users who show up during selection are only members of the group?

      Yes,  Group members are only shown when the manager try to assign an item.


      Can the queue be created from an integration task?

      Yes, load / import from a csv is possible


      Can all admin configurations be loaded via csv/integration event?

      Yes, admin configurations also can be loaded using data loads.


      Is there a view available for Queue Manager to see who spent / how much time on an approvable for workload analysis purposes?

      The Manage Queues Page contains the information on "Item", and the assigned to and assigned age (in days)


      Can a queue member assign and act on any approvable which are in general queue? I mean if those approvable are not assigned to queue member by queue manager and the approvable are in queue. Can queue member pick these approvable and act on it?

      Yes, the user belonging to a queue can acquire and work on any approvable belonging to his queue.


      How does this change impact approval time reporting?  For example, Procurement routes requisitions manually to separate Buyer groups by commodity and is able to capture approval time by Buyer group.  Is that type of reporting compatible with queues?

      At present there aren’t any reports available for showing this.


      Whether any reports will be made available OOTB on queue status to give a high level view across all groups

      We do not have a report for this at this point.


      Can this queue management be used for custom Eforms as well or only out of box Approvable?

      Users can use Queue Management for any type of approvable. It is applicable to the custom ones as well.


      There is no ability to enter a comment when an item is returned to a queue, correct?

      There is no space to enter a comment when it is returned.


      Can a queue member be assigned to multiple queues?

      It is possible in the case where he belongs to multiple groups and each of those groups is converted to approval queue.


      Is it possible to have a rule that automatically assign some items to a particular user? Ex: based on Commodity code

      No, we do not have any auto assignment capabilities in Queue Management


      Is this queue status visible when a person has delegated their approvals?

      We are expanding this question to be

      If a delegator has delegated authority to a delegatee and when delegatee logs IN, will the approvable (in which approval queue is added in the approval flow graph) be displayed in the ‘My To Do’?

      Yes, when the delegatee logs IN to the application, the delegatee will be acting on behalf of delegator. So, the approvable will be displayed and the delegatee can take action upon that approvable.


      Assume PR10 is Submitted by a user and the active approver is a Queue / Group - say "BuyerApprovalGroup", if the Approvable is withdrawn - what happens?

      If the Approvable is in the Queue, it gets removed from the queue. If the Approvable is assigned to a user, even then it gets removed from the User's Inbox (To Do). In summary when an approvable is withdrawn it goes out of the queue


      Behavior of approval queues w.r.t parent group/child group relationship. i.e. what happens when a queue gets created  on a group which contains sub-groups and if that sub-group itself has a queue associated? Will it possible to create a queue at all?

      1. It is possible to create a Queue for a group with sub-groups (and also if sub-group is associated to a queue)
      2. If the parent group (mapped into an approval queue) is added in the approval flow graph of the approvable, then that approvable will be displayed in the ‘My To Do’ list of both parent group members and child group members.
      3. If the child group (mapped into an approval queue) is added in the approval flow graph of the approvable, then that approvable will be displayed ONLY in the ‘My To Do’ list of the queue members belonging to the child group. This approvable will not be displayed to the parent group members