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    APC and Ariba Punchout

    Daryl Jimenez Expert

      Ariba Procurement Content (APC) and Ariba Punchout - are these the same application or not? If different, can you share or direct me to a site where I can see comparison of the two? Thanks.

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          Tommy Lee Master

          APC is Ariba's cloud-based catalog solution which allows buying organizations to extend the value of there ERP or existing Procurement tools (SRM, Oracle iProcure, existing On-Prem) by giving users a easy-to-use catalog interface and catalog management capabilities.


          Ariba punchout and "punchout" is a generic term for a process where a buyer leaves ("punches out" from) their company's eProcurement system to access a supplier's web-based catalog to do the shopping before returning the shopping cart information back to the eProcurement system for completion of the PO process.


          In one sense, APC is also a "punchout" solution but the idea is the buying organization manages there own content (available catalog items, relevance, pricing, etc.) as opposed to having a supplier manage it.