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    government reverse auctions

    Lou D'Alessio Newbie


      My question is, does this site handle government reverse auctions and if so how do they work.


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          David Morel Master

          Lou...that is a tough question to fully answer in an online post without some more clarifying questions.  We have customers that are government agencies and customers that run events for government contracts.  Typically, government agencies don't run auctions, more likely to run an RFP.  But, some have.  When they do, they are not running them any different from non-government entities.  Some government agencies have different rules about how they must run events, both RFPs and Auctions, that they have to follow rules about providing advanced knowledge of the event to a broad public and open the event to who ever wants to bid. Can you let me clarify your question a little more? For example, government auctions for what government? Local/State/Federal levels?  What jurisdiction and do you have special rules for your government to run such events?  Are you limiting this to Auctions or RFPs also?  I would be happy to have a call with you to discuss if sharing on the site is not idea. Thanks! David Morel

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              Florian Boehme Expert

              Confirming David's comment!


              Yes, we did use the Ariba Sourcing Platform to run events for Government Agencies in EUROPE.

              (Assuming you are from Italy?)


              If spend is above respective thresholds, you are publishing your inquiry on OJEU / TED.

              First step is to answer question "IV 1.2" (an electronic auction will be used) appropriately.


              In some cases we have prepared suppliers, that an electronic auction "may be used" and then your are still free to decide, if you want to use an auction or not.

              In several cases we have also used pre-publication notices in order to save some time in the process.


              Please feel free to reach out to me directly, if you would like to discuss more: Florian.Boehme@SourcingOnDemand.com


              We have good knowledge concerning Europe.


              Happy Sourcing and best regards, Florian