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    On-Premise 9r2 Downstream Feature - EOE (Electronic Order Execution)

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      As part of the 9r2 Readiness series, on February 6th, 2014 Ariba conducted a webinar on the upcoming 9r2 Downstream feature - EOE


      Webinar Date/Time: February 6th, 2014, 11 AM ET


      Webinar Speaker: Hari Babu Krishnan (hkrishnan@ariba.com and hari.krishnan@sap.com)


      Webinar Presentation and Recording:  https://connect.ariba.com/ACgo2/1,,152916,00.html



      We will use this forum to answer the questions that came up in the webinar and any additional questions on this feature that you may have. Please feel free to raise any questions as a comment, so that we can answer here and get the entire community benefitted. Find the answers to the queries raised in the webinar.






      Can the update mechanism for Requisition Import be handled for Ordered status for the PR as well, apart from Submitted and Composing?

      Yes it is possible. A new version of the Req will be created post that


      Can we cancel a Requisition in the Ordered State?

      Yes an order in the Ordered state can be cancelled. From Ordered state it will move to Cancelled. In other context if a cancellation is processed for Submitted Reqs, the Req’s isActive field will be modified to false and will not be visible in the UI


      If we have defined Change/Cancel variables in P.table, would those come in play during Change/Cancel (eg. In receiving/invoicing etc.)

      Yes, Change/Cancel variables would come into play when importing requisitions. But please note that you cannot perform an update / Changes operation on requisitions that have a status of Ordering, Receiving, Received, or Invoicing.


      Is it possible to leave the Req status in a Cancelled state instead of deleting it?

      It will be deleted. We want to keep this consistent with the UI behavior


      What if there is no BIM defined for imported EOE list.  Would it still create the PR?

      If there is no BIM defined, then the system will refer to SupplierPartID directly from catalogs. Look into the flowchart or the text on the mapping process.


      Can we define On-Behalf of user in the CSV files/web service?

      Yes, Requestor and Preparer fields can be used to achieve this


      Is the Item Master only available with Req Import, or can we use the Item Master when creating requisitions in the UI?

      This is associated only with Req Import and not for UI based Requisitions.


      It would be useful to quickly go over the format of the CSV file

      Find the attached File which contains the details of Req import and Buyer Item Master data dictionary.


      will the requistion # be overwritten if it already exists in the system.

      No, Requisition Numbers will not be overwritten in the process.


      How can either of this external imports be auotmated? Will we have to build ETL for CSVs or for a webservice? Our volumes would make manual imports impractical and inefficient.

      With huge volumes, manual processing will be inefficient. There has to be an ETL layer developed to automate these. Once you have the ETL then the data can be formed as required to OnP Product.


      Can this order import be used with punchout catalogs?

      Yes this can be used for APC Puch-outs catalogs.


      Can the BIM be archived before the next load happens?

      No, we are not doing this