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    On-Premise 9r2 Downstream Feature - Archive and Purge

    Hari Babu Krishnan Master

      As part of the 9r2 Readiness series, on March 6th, 2014 Ariba conducted a webinar on the upcoming 9r2 Platform feature - Archive and Purge


      Webinar Date/Time: March 6th, 2014, 11 AM ET


      Webinar Speaker: Hari Babu Krishnan (hkrishnan@ariba.com and hari.krishnan@sap.com) and Jason Brown (jason.brown@sap.com)


      Webinar Presentation and Recording:  https://connect.ariba.com/ACgo2/1,,153300,00.html


      Find the answers for the questions discussed in the Webinar. Should you have any further questions please feel free to comment here or write to hari.krishnan@sap.com






      When an item is purged, is the matching item on the AN purged as well?

      No, they will not be


      If an Invoice is linked to a PO is it possible to purge that invoice separately (leaving the PO in the system)? If so… how the PO is notified that its Invoice is purged.

      In this scenario the PO also will be purged as it is a linked object. To prevent that the criteria needs to be defined to exclude them. Further if there are anything that you wanted to retain can be done at Review stage.


      If we feed Analysis on an incremental basis (changes only), how would Analysis know if a record was purged?

      When the incremental load runs, analysis will come to know that the records were purged and by using the different options like Delete Load, the data in Analysis can be kept up-to-date.


      For requisitions/POs/invoices, will attachments to those objects also be purged?

      Not only for these entities, but for any object, Upstream or Downstream, all attachments will be archived and then Purged.


      Can you talk about purging eforms (custom)?

      Any custom objects like e-forms defined by the customers can be added for Archive and Purge. Configurations will happen through AMLs where the user can define what fields in the eforms need to be archived as well. In short, this is possible through configurations


      Custom workspaces as primary objects could be purged?

      Yes they can be purged


      Do we have any recommendation for customers that would like to archive several million POs at some point

      We will come out with the necessary recommendations. But as discussed the general recommendation of doing it incrementally holds.


      It will be cumbersome to review thousands of projects in Review page? What is the alternative?

      We are considering an export option from this screen. It will be implemented Post GA.