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    On-Premise 9r2 Upstream Feature - Workspace Audit Trail and Platform Compatibilities

    Hari Babu Krishnan Master

      As part of the 9r2 Readiness series, on December 5th, 2013 Ariba conducted a webinar on the upcoming 9r2 Upstream feature - Workspace Audit Trail and we also spoke about Platform Compatibilities in 9r2.


      Webinar Date/Time: December 5th, 2013, 11 AM ET



      Webinar Speaker: Hari Babu Krishnan (hkrishnan@ariba.com and hari.krishnan@sap.com) and Jason Brown (jason.brown@sap.com)



      Webinar Presentation and Recording:  To be Uploaded



      We will use this forum to answer the questions that came up in the webinar and any additional questions on this feature that you may have. Please feel free to raise any questions as a comment, so that we can answer here and get the entire community benefited.






      Can a custom field be Audited using Audit Trails?

      Yes, it is possible


      Will bulk upload of contracts create Audit Logs?

      Yes, bulk upload of contracts will create Audit Logs