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    Customizing Email Notifications for Expense Reports in Buyer 9r1

    Amit Gupta Master



      We want to customize email notifications sent to approvers for an ExpenseReport to include split items as well. For an itemized expense, currently email notifications just contains only 1 entry for an itemized expenses and doesn't include split item details. Email notifications are formatted in E:\Ariba\Buyer\Server\ariba\resource\en_US\templates\email\expense\expensereportlineitems.htm file. For split items, we may have split or may not. Hence would need to apply some if condition which is not possible to do in htm code. Kindly advise if anyone have worked on a similar request.


      The main reason to do it is because we would like to highlight personal expenses if any because with email notifications, an approver can't identify if there are any personal expenses as well in the ER. We have copied mentioned htm file to config\resource folder and also included IsPersonal which will return as Yes if whole expense is Personal and would not return if any specific split item for an expense is marked as personal.


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          Scott Corbett Master

          Hi Amit,


          Have you already implemented a custom EmailSimpleTemplateFormatter? The reason I say that is that you'll likely need some functions to loop through the itemized split items as the htm file does not make a call to that level.


          I would think you'd want a conditional function to determine if there are itemized items (i.e. @@ifdef=hasItemizations@@ //Some HTML calls @@endifdef@@).  Within that condition, you'd need to get the details, and you may need some functions there if dotted notation is too simplistic.

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