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    User Report Access Definition Clarification

    Sandy Wagner Expert

      Good Morning,


      With 13s, there is new functionality so that Ariba users can run reports and have only the information they have access to in Ariba show up on the reports.


      I'm confused with the description of Analyst in the guides.  It says that members of this group cannot create, edit or save reports.  I need clarification on the "save" portion.


      If they can't save reports, how do they have their results show up on their dashboard?  The results usually come from a saved report.


      I'm hoping that the answer is:  Members of this group can "copy existing reports and save them to their personal workspace.  Is that correct?


      Thank you.


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          Manny Cortez Expert



          The new reporting access control feature and the Analyst security group are two separate features introduced with 13s.  One is not dependant on the other.  The data access control feature, if turned on, controls access to data in Analysis.  Reporting users will only have access to data defined in the Upstream Project team tab.  If the data access control feature is turned off, reporting users will have access to all data; no restrictions.


          The Analyst group is a new security group which provides read-only reporting capabilities.  The Analyst group does not support the copy command.  If a user wants to add a report to their dashboard they simply need to add the report from either the Prepackaged Report or Public Reports folder.  Not sure making a copy of the report makes sense considering the reporting user will not be allowed to edit and save the report.


          Hope this helps.  If you need further clarification feel free to reach out to me so we can schedule a quick call.


          Appreciate you taking the time to post your question on Exchange.


          Take care.


          Manny Cortez

          Ariba Analysis Product Manager


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