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    Ariba Requisition Push to SAP Lessons Learned

    Scott Corbett Master

      Hi - curious if anyone can share some lessons learned on integrating Ariba Requisitions into SAP?


      We require pre-PO Funds Commitments to be generated in SAP as this triggers financial approvals. Our SAP team believes the best way of doing this is to integrate the Ariba Requisition into SAP which then automates the Funds Commitments rules.


      We are looking at creating a Custom Approver that will make a Web Service call into an SAP Create Requisition BAPI.


      Any information on how you designed a similar solution is appreciated. Custom Approver, or built into Submit Hook, or designed elsewhere? How do you error handle, etc.


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          David Leonard Journeyman

          Hi Scott.  This flow (generically represented as real time budget check, encumbrance, or accounting validation), can be achieved in a number of ways.  The two primary ways are ones you mentioned - submit/approve hooks or "robot" approvers.  In both cases a WebService call to dump the desired data can be invoked, sent to the ERP, the ERP crunches whatever it needs to crunch, and then the return message can either be a true/false or contain data to update the Ariba requisition.  Our Ariba Consulting practice has a customization framework for this type of integration that includes state management for error handling, etc. that they have implemented at a number of customers.  If you would like to discuss with them I'd be happy to make the connection.



          Dave Leonard

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