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    Looking for suggestions on best process to implement in Ariba regarding order returns/invoice rejections where 3-way match rules are set up

    sourcingprouser Journeyman

      Hi, we do 3 way match in Ariba P2P, but just realised that receipt rejection completed by the requestor doesn't actually notify the supplier.  So what's currently happening is suppliers are sending in invoices to match whatever is on the order that they delivered, not realising ahead of invoice creation that there might be a problem.  The requestor can pick up the phone can call the supplier, but that's manual outside Ariba. 


      What I want to know is how people are handling the overall process to notify suppliers about receipt rejections BEFORE the supplier sends the invoice via Ariba. 

      Do you train all requestors to do invoice reconcilliation and certain people have option to reject invoice reconcilliation in Ariba? 

      What people in your organisations have access to do different things in Ariba regarding receiving, invoice reconcilliation, etc?

      I'd appreciate any ideas showing the overall process flow you've devised, plus what Ariba group rights you give different peope to be notified vs actioning things in Ariba, and/or if you run certain reports to monitor order/receipt/invoice problems.