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    Access Control for Analytical Reports

    Dileep Kinthada Expert

      Fellow Aribains,


      Ariba is implementing On Demand Sourcing Professional for my company 'L&T Powe'r . But Five distinct business units are working under L&T Power.

      So as a part of confidentiality of information , We need a Access control per business unit wise for the creation of Analytical Reports i.e Users in one business unit should not able to view and create analytical reports for other business units.


      Could any one please suggest a solution how to solve this issue .

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          Manny Cortez Expert



          We introduced a new feature with the 13s Sourcing release that should help solve this problem.  With this new feature you can now restrict access to reporting data based on project level access control.  User access control rules specified at the Sourcing project level will be pushed down to Analysis so users running reports are restricted to the same data as specified in the Sourcing projects.


          Please reference the 13s Sourcing release guide on Ariba Connect for additional information on enabling this feature:



          Also, do not hesistate to reach out to me if you have additional questions.


          Manny Cortez

          Ariba Product Manager


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