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    Ok to pay file integration with SAP

    mdhakni Novice

      We are an Ariba P2P Customer and having issue with Ok to pay file integration during Invoice processing. SAP is expecting multiple Goods Receipts (GR) when an Invoice is matched against multiple GRs in Ariba P2P. Ariba is not sending the GR information in the Ok to pay file for multiple GRs, due to this, invoice integration in SAP is failing.  Currently SAP is configured with 'GR based Invoice' and every invoice is matched against GRs.  We can remove this indicator in SAP but then the current business is going to change to 2 way matching which might have an inpact in financial posting.  Just wondering any of you guys have gone throgh the similar situations in implementing Ariba P2P and what was the solution implemented to resolve this issue.