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    Sourcing - Question on the Search option

    ciabell Expert

      Sourcing Search;

      Conducting a search - Search Event

      Selection Criteria chosen:

      - Permissions - Projects I can view

      - Project Type - Sourcing

      - Event Type - No choice

      - Status - Open


      Show Columns:

      - Publish time

      - Bidding End time


      I use this search with these specific selection criteria's often, te avoid manually selecting the criteria each time I perform this search, I tried to save this search in My Saved Searche folder.

      When I try to Save this search in My Saved Searches- the Publish time and date and End time and date do not appear.

      It seems it only saves certain selection criteria's. Is this a bug, or functionality not built in Ariba?  I would think that you should be able to seave any type of searches

      you wish to save, so these saved searches can be resused at any given time.


      Thanks .

        • Re: Sourcing - Question on the Search option
          Leslie Martensen Master

          Saved Searches only save the criteria of the search however, we exclude the date and time as we allow this as manual input every time. Your designated support contact can log an enhancement request to have these fields added as part of the saved search.


          One feature we are working on for 14s1 is the ability to go back to your last search results after looking at details of some of the items in the search results. This will only last until your run another search or do some completely different task e.g. create a new contract etc.


          If you have any other questions please feel free to email me directly: leslie.martensen@sap.com


          Leslie Martensen

          Sr. Product Manager - Ariba Contracts