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    Ariba Contract workspace with ASR

    Enobong Inyang Apprentice

      I have just been hired by a new company, I have been using Contract workspace in my previous company for the past 6yrs with manual routing for signature and no ASR.  I am new to contract workspace  with ASR and Auto route for approval.

      In my previous company I will manually select the approver and route it for approval with no ASR.


      I have successfully created the contract workspace  but it came up with to do task under contract development folder which I had to manually select as complete to reduce the incomplete task to 1 remaining. I still have 1 incomplete task under the internal approval folder and is not allowing me to proceed to publish the contract.


      Can anybody help?

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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Enobong:


          Thanks for sharing your question. I contacted Jeremy with our Solutions Management team. Based on the nature of your question, Jeremy suggested you submit a Support Request (SR) to connect with a support team  member who can assist you further. The Ariba admin at your company should be able to assist with submitting the SR.




          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager