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    Supplier Event Approval

    Lars De Jong Expert



      I am working on a client site implementing Sourcing.


      One of the issues we have come against is the requirement to have the Supplier list for the Sourcing Event approved prior to the Event being created.  Then have this list automatically populated into the Event and not being to be changed.


      So they want this list to be pulled in from SIM, then have this list sent for approval>once approved this list cannot be changed and to have this list automatically imported in the Sourcing Event with the Project Owner not being able to select any other supplier except the ones from the list.


      Any ideas?



      Lars De Jong

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          David Morel Master

          What you are trying isn't currently possible, but you can have an approval task on the event and include the person that would approve the list of suppliers approve the event.  Or, if you didn't want the person approving the supplier list to see the event, you could have them approve a document of the suppliers in the project.  Then, the event approver could confirm that the list in the project is the same as the invited supplier list.