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    Automated Contract Routed

    Srini Varadarajan Master

      Has anyone successfully implemented a solution to automate routing of contracts in Ariba? Have you tried to combine this solution with a signature task?

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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Srini:


          Thanks for sharing your question with the community. I reached out to our team with the Best Practice Center for guidance since this relates to implementation. Sharon or another member of the team will provide a detailed response to your question at this discussion thread. Some of the team members are out of the office, so there may be a slight delay in their reply.


          In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if other Ariba users offer their insights to the question you have shared.




          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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            Amina Anderson Expert

            We are automating approvals for contracts using contract terms.  Since we are using contract terms, this is downstream functionality that can leverage our downstream approval rules.  Unfortunately we are using eSignature non-integrated with Ariba because using the integrated task does not work well inconjunction with the terms approvals.  Would love to be able to leverage the integrated eSignature solution.

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              Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

              Hi Srini:


              Here's the feedback that Sharon with our BPC team offered:


              In general, yes.  However, it seems like there may be some specifics behind this question, so let me break some things down:


              • You can certainly route a document for multiple reviewers or multiple approvers in a single task.  This does not, however, automatically launch the signature task.
              • You can have as many people as you want (I think, but certainly more than 2 for the signature lines) on the signature task, but each one of those will at least need to provide initials.  You can also determine the order of the review and initials.  We might need more information to find out what happens if one person in the line decides to reject the document.


              I hope you find this information helpful.