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    Need understanding of "Territory Available" field in a CIF Catalog

    Mateen Haidar Newbie

      Hello - I am trying to understand Territory Available field in a CIF catalog. Surprisingly I could not find much about it in Catalog Admin guide, so I am posting my question here.


      What I am looking for is:


      1. What values can this field accept? As per my understanding, by default it accepts 2 char country code (US, UK etc.). Can we customize this to include "State" or some other custom values?


      2. If there is a possibility of customizing this field to accept custom values (other than 2 char country codes), then what is the complexity of customization?


      3. In case the customization is possible, we would like to match the values in this field with the user's geographic location.


      Thank you for giving a thought to this question.




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          Scott Corbett Master

          Hi Mateen - are you using the cloud or on-premise solution? I know in the on-premise version this field is ignored by the catalog filter coe, but you can write your own custom filter to evaluate on this field.


          Here's what the Catalog Format Reference Guide says about Terrotory Available:


          Use the Territory Available field and ISO 3166-1 or 3166-2 territory codes to display certain catalog items
          to specific users based on geography. Users who reside outside of the countries or regions listed cannot see
          that item. Catalog items with no Territory Available field appear to all users.


          CIF example:
          cXML example:


          Note: Ariba procurement solution ignores the Territory Available field by default. However, buying
          organizations can write custom filters to enable the field in Ariba procurement solution. Contact your
          customers to find out whether they have configured their procurement applications to use this field, and
          which code standard they use.


          Do not use these ISO codes to specify currency or language. For more information, see Currency on
          page 29 and Language on page 73.


          Territory Available Field Description:
          List of one or more ISO country or region codes. Ariba
          recommends that you use ISO 3166-1 and 3166-2 codes for this
          field. If there is more than one code, separate them with commas
          and quote the entire field.


          This string is case-insensitive.