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    drafting and assembling a contract document in Ariba Ondemand - very difficult

    gne_user Newbie

      In my department we draft - approximately 80% of the time - bespoke agreements. We do have template documents - but often we will draft bespoke clauses and paragraphs. We either 1. draft these clauses and try to cut and paste into the template document; or 2 - upload  a complete agreement. Also, we sometimes start with 3rd party paper - and upload that into the contract workspace. However, when we do any of these, we have often get errors in assembling. We have asked for Ariba best practices but with no avail. Can anyone help?

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          Leslie Martensen Master

          It sounds like you’re starting with an Assembled Document – and then trying to change it in ways that an Assembled Document wasn’t designed for.  An Assembled Document is a programmed document.  The bookmarks create the outline view and contain the links to the clause library.  You can’t just replace an Assembled document with 3rd party paper, for example, and hope to maintain the paragraph linkages.  However, for bespoke paragraphs or clauses in an Assembled Document, we suggest simply drafting them in MS-Word and saving the document.  These paragraphs will be incorporated into the clause preceding them in the outline view.  If you have decided to stop using an Ariba Assembled Document in a workspace, then you should save the new document outside of Ariba and upload it.  You can move the assembled document outside your active folder so that it is no longer included in your workflow.  Ariba will still track this document for redlines and changes, and the document will still be available for E-Signature.  It is important to note that an Assembled Document with bookmarks is a different document type than a regular document.  A regular document does not require any bookmarks.  These 2 document types are not meant to be mixed and matched.


          Leslie Martensen