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    DForm and EForms

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      Can anyone tell me what DForms and Eforms are and how I can use them?

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          David Morel Master

          Forms (sometimes known as a “dForm,” because of their representation in upstream workspaces documents) are an optional feature. They are configurable, structured document forms that can be used for capturing all sorts of data inside project workspaces.  Forms are reportable, localizable forms which can model things like Particular Provisions in a contract, Certificate of Liability Forms, Structured Order Forms, or Deal Sheets. They can contain both header and line item level fields, and can exist more than once in a given contract workspace. For sourcing, I have seen them used for Event Control (Event Strategy form), Source request form, Custom sourcing event pipeline form, Custom savings estimation form, and Savings opportunities/innovation form for suppliers. I know of a customer who used them in SIPM to track Regulatory Approvals of suppliers and their products.  Forms are optional and is contracted for in addition to the upstream solutions.  Form Templates can only be created and edited by Ariba Deployment professionals.