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    Ariba Sourcing Integration with SAP ECC through SAP PI

    Dileep Kinthada Expert

      Hi all,


      I am currently working on the task to integrate the Ariba Sourcing with SAP ECC system through SAP PI middle ware.

      I cant seem to find any document in the internet or Ariba connect on how to do this.

      Can anyone point me to the right direction?

      If you have some documents regarding this, I would really appreciate it if you can share it to my below mail id .

      Mail Id: dileep.kinthada@lntinfotech.com


      Thanks in Advance.

      Dileep Kinthada

      Ariba Consultant

      L&T Infotech,India

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          David Morel Master

          Here is the response I posted on your other inquiry:  Contact support and they can assist you in reaching the people that you need to be talking with.    Do note, in the next major release we will be delivering a new way for integrating with SAP ECC for Ariba Sourcing.  The current method involves using Web Services and CSV files for creating the event and sending results back.  With the new release, we will be providing a standard adapter and sending the data via CXML across the Ariba Network.    We will also be adding additional fields to Ariba Sourcing that will make it more "ERP Aware", for example Purchasing Org, Plant, Material Code...etc.    This will be coming in the 14s release and the adapter will arrive shortly after.     If this sounds like something your client would want to explore, reach out to the account team they work with.  They can arrange a call to go into deeper depths. - See more at: http://exchange.ariba.com/message/7144#7144

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            Rajesh Pasupula Novice

            Hi Dileep,


            In case you need to go ahead with custom solution below is the approach you need to follow.


            1. Activate the Template and webservice in Ariba end

            2. You need to generate the RFX data in CSV Files as per template of step1 and encode the CSV Files using base64 format and has to post to the Ariba Realm using webservice

            3. Once receives the bidding responses and awarding is done.

            4. you need to pull these response to have the corresponding PO/CTR creation in ECC. Again a webservice is available and you need to pass the sourcing project id to fetch this info.


            Also there is a standard one released for tactical sorucing solutions called spotquote which has become available with CI-3 Adapter release functionality.




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              varun goel Journeyman

              Hi Experts,


              We have used Ariba 13s integrated with SAP PI -> S/4 system but now we came to know that there is another release of 14s. Could you please suggest with this new release new wsdls will be generated and whole development has to be done in SAP PI to accommodate the new fields.