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    Currency selection

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      Sourcing 9R1 - On premise

      RFP - Auction currency selection



      In our organization, currency selection is done when creating an event when you create Sourcing project.

      In the content section, when creating items, sometimes we require pricing in multiple currencies: US and CAD

      Currently, if you select CAD currency when creating a sourcing project, the items show CAD next to Price text box.

      If you select US, items created will show US  next to the Price text box only.



      Is there a way we can create items in which multiple currencies can be defined ?

      EX:      Item 1 would show CAD currency

                  Item 2 show US currency   


      Thank you

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          David Morel Master

          Ariba supports multi-currency events, but we don't have way to force different currencies at the item level. You just enable the currencies that are available for the event and they can select it at the time of selecting lots.  But, you can stress in the pre-event training what you need them to do.  Check out the Help area for more information about Multi-currency events.