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    Spend Visibility Data Extraction Scripts

    Nima Bagheri Journeyman

      Is there anyone out there that can share their extraction scripts to retrieve data from their ERP for Spend Visibility? I would like to leverage this code for a current project and would prefer not to create from scratch.

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          yasir.ahmad@reedelsevier.com Journeyman

          Hi Nima,


          The SQL in Oracle or PPSFT (or any other ERP system) should look for

          1. 1) Payment in Posted Status    (AND D.POST_STATUS_AP = 'P')   (from PS_PYMNT_VCHR_XREF D, )
          2. 2) Payment not in cancelled status AND D.PYMNT_SELCT_STATUS <> 'X'  
          3. 3) Added condition to get only non-employee details .    --- (as this is for vouchers) AND F.VENDOR_CLASS <> 'E'  {  Vendor class not in “employee” from PS_VENDOR } 
          4. 4) Payment in Paid status   ( AND K.PYMNT_STATUS = 'P' )    (from  PS_PAYMENT_TBL P,)


          Ofcourse this is not everything, but your ERP support should be able to come up with a complete script. I can send you a detailed word document that was used to create these custom reports out of various ERPs for us. It will include what fields were extracted (details, configuration, testing, output etc.) would need your contact e-mail.


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