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    Visibility condition-related

    mmg Journeyman

      What is the rationale for not permitting visibility conditions to be added to a Section that contains Lots and / or Items? In one of my recent RFPs, I was prompted with this error message on the Summary page. I was able to resolve the issue but was curious to understand why the system is configured that way. Thank you.

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          David Morel Master

          Although considered for inclusion in the feature, it was ruled out for a couple reasons, complexity and not an in demand use case. 


          Complexity: Lots and Line items function differently than questions/requirements.  Suppliers are invited to lots/items.  Lots/items have times they are open or closed. Lot/item pricing changes impacts all the other suppliers lots/items in terms of ranking. 


          Use Case: We approached customers for their feedback and very few saw it as a major need. 


          Can you describe the use case in which you would want to use this?

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