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    Ariba On premise and On Demand

    sangram mohanty Novice

      Hello Folks,

      We are trying to analyze the difference between Ariba On premise and On Demand. Please help.


      1. What are the difference in terms of challenges during an on premise project vis-a-vis an on cloud (or on demand) project? 

      2. In on-demand of the service provider has multiple infrastructure configured in different ways then the business feature offering for each infrastructure would have to be understood and the one which is closest to     one's own need to be identified?

      3. What is the type of support for development, testing and productive landscapes (usually in SAP side at least three landscapes shall be there). Will on-demand service provider provide a matching landscape integration?




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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Sangram


          I contacted our business partners team regarding your questions. Noted below is the guidance they provided:


          "In general, on-premise projects focus more on customization of the software, while on-demand has an emphasis on change management and business design and execution. On-premise projects are typically very heavy technically. On-demand efforts lean more toward the impact on the organization.


          A bit unclear about question 2,  but the Ariba on-demand solution is multi-tenant.  In this case, there is really one configuration of the solution, yet integration with legacy systems at the customer site must be evaluated and defined.


          Ariba currently provides a demo site to all partners, but this does not allow for integration.  Currently, the partner will have to purchase a license to demonstrate integration to other systems."


          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager