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    Event/RFX Reports

    Lars De Jong Expert



      I am working on a client site, a requirement is have a report that shows side by side comparison of Event Bids.


      They need to see varying versions of bids from the same supplier and same Event.


      I can use the Bids Report report within the Event, but the format is not right.  I have created an Analytical report that has all the required data for the report but I cannot get BID_ID field into reports.


      Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get a report out of the system that gives me the following:

      • Event Name
      • Event Line Items
      • Supplier Event Responses - this would need to display all revisions - so if the Supplier submits a response, then they go and revise the response and submits: This report should display both versions.
      • Other misc fields


      What I would like to do is add the BID_ID field into a new report that created, is this possible?


      Otherwise is it possible change the Excel TEmplate for the Bids Report?



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          David Morel Master

          You can use the data behind the Bids Report as a source of raw data, go to the Data tab in the report.     For the 15s release, we are considering adding a generic data dump type report that would give the user access to all the event bid data to be used for whatever purpose they would want.   David

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