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    Ariba integration with PLM systems

    Frédéric Henri Expert

      Hi All,


      Alstom is currently looking at a new PLM solution, with 3 short-listed products: Siemens Teamcenter, Dassault Enovia, PTC Windchill.


      One of the use cases identified is to be able to use PLM data & documents within a Sourcing event in Ariba, with automated link (based on part/supplier/commodity references common between Ariba & the PLM system for example). The other identified use case is to use Ariba to manage the product qualification process with the Supplier, with part data & document exchange going through Ariba.

      These are very high-level requirements, nothing more detailed for the time being. However, we see strong potential for tighter integration between Ariba and our PLM system.


      Request here is to see if there have been already some examples of implementation of such links between Ariba and the aforementioned PLM systems - or other cases of integration possibly. If yes, would there be a possibility to organize some feedback session (e.g. 1hr conference-call)?


      Many thanks,



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          Rostislav Oklestek Expert

          Hi Fred,


          we have implemented integration between our ERP system (IFS) and Ariba through web services. RFP event is uploaded to Ariba from IFS together with all necessary attributes and documents. Once we have RFP award we download it back to the IFS as well as other details.

          We are utilizing Ariba On-Demand solution.


          Let me know if you are interested in more details.


          Best regards,


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