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    Evidence of approvals for audit purposes

    reshma.rav Expert

      Hi Everyone,


      I am in a fix. We need to keep a record of/track all approvals that have been taken for our contracts, for audit purposes. For internal use, we run analytical reports that show us the status of our approval tasks. But these reports do not really suffice for an audit purpose.


      Prior to Ariba, we used to take printouts of our Approval Forms and file them and show them to our auditors whenever needed. But does it make sense to login each time to show auditors how our approvasl are taken? Is there another, perhaps better, way anyone can suggest? Maybe something you do in your organisations?


      Thanks in advance?

      Reshma D

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          Leslie Martensen Master

          While we currently allow reporting on approvals that are in flight and who the approval is waiting on we do not have a good way to report on the entire process of the task. That said this has been escalated as an enhancement and we are looking at when we can add this functionality. It is not yet currently scheduled for a release.


          I would like to request that you please log your own ER through the support connect portal and add the details of what are the important fields to be added on the report for your company.This way we can include your company requirements in our assessment of the new reporting functionality.


          Leslie Martensen

          Sr Product Manager - Ariba Contracts

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            Chris St. John Apprentice

            We have a similar requirement, specifically a report which shows when an approvable item was deleted. Our Customer Administrators can override approvals, we are looking at ways to develop a report that lists the approvables the have been overwritten (or deleted).



            Example from a Requisition History

            Approver Jane Doe has been deleted from the approval chain



            A report listing all these exceptions would be ideal.


            If anyone has any ideas please let me know, thank you,