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    Show Reserve Price - Forward auction

    ciabell Expert



      I am trying to determine if we have a bug or it's a setting we are missing .


      Forward auction  - 

      Rules -  Section Market Feedback

      option: - Show reserve pricing to Participants


      I seem to be having a problem trying to show the Reserve pricing even when the rule is set to yes


      When I set this rule to Yes –

      I expect the Reserve price to be shown to the participants.


      When I set the rule to: Show after participant has met the reserve price -

      I expect that reserve price shows only to the suppliers that have met the reserve pricing 


      Currently - reserve pricing is not shown to participants in either case:

      When rule is set to YES or when rule is set to Show after participant has met the reserve price

      (and participant bid the reserve price), the reserve price amount is not shown.



      Market Feedback




      LOT -

      We have entered the reserve pricing when I edit the Extended price in the Term of my LOT.


      Set the  Reserve value to YES



      Entered the Reserve Value

      Reserve Value:



      Expected results - This amount to be shown to participants depending on how the rule: Show reserve pricing to Participants was set. 


      thank you