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    Contract Management Multiple Suppliers:RFX Events

    Kevin Albert Apprentice

      We are seeking advice in answering question related to the following:


      1. Creating Contract Workspace with 1 Contract to Many Suppliers in a workspace. Is this possible?
      2. Creating Contract Workspace with for a single supplier with multiple agreements with different attributes, dates, terms, renewals, etc. Is this a possibility/available option?


      The scenario is we are creating one RFX and awarding to 5 suppliers, per supplier we need to create multiple agreements (MSA, SOWs, Addendums)


      Any help and input will be gladly accepted.


      Kevin Albert


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          Leslie Martensen Master

          1, We currently do not allow having multiple suppliers associated with one contract. It is a one to one relationship.

          2. You can have one contract with different sub-agreements so they are related. This done by creating a master agreement and then creating sub-agreements under the master agreement and this will allow you to list the different dates, terms renewals etc.


          In the example above you would need to create 5 contract workspaces as master agreements and the and then for each master agreement you can create any number of sub-agreements below the master agreement.


          You can work with your Customer Success Manager and they can help you contract Best Practice Consulting if you would like to work them. Your CEE will also be able to let you know if you have BPC hours available to you.


          You can also join the Customer Success group on exchange and there are lot of training videos that can help with all areas of Contracts.


          Leslie Martensen

          Sr. Product Manager Ariba contracts

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            Kevin Albert Apprentice

            Thank you Leslie. This is correct. I wanted to verify for client. I will connect with you next week.


            Thanks again,