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    Supplier Information Management as Master Supplier Data

    Linus Kho Newbie

      Hello, my company is implementing Ariba P2P and in the phase of design. We using a separate Financial system (GL/AP). The system implementer mentioned Ariba is never a System of Record for Supplier Master, reason given is because Ariba only capture small set of data.


      And design given are SIM form process for supplier information input --> push to on-premise Financial AP as supplier master --> push to Ariba P2P


      I find reason given lack clarity and questionable. Can SIM be Supplier Master technically speaking? And if yes, are this common practice or recommended? What would be the drawback of having SIM as Supplier Master?

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          Maria Gammon Master

          Usually customers have an MDM solution that serves as the system of record for their internal landscape. SIM provides a bridge to the cloud where suppliers own their profile and can maintain their data on a self-service fashion. SIM allows you to manage suppliers from an on-boarding and qualification perspective. We have a common profile with basic organization data, contacts, certifications, etc, then we have a supplier profile questionnaire that allows customers to configure other fields/questions to gather additional supplier data (specific to buyer's need).

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            Sneha Shah Novice

            Hi Linus,


            We are also implementing Ariba P2P.


            Can you please let me know the tcode/program in ECC used to extract the suppliers into a CSV file for import into ARIBA ( with respect to SIM with Sourcing )


            I managed to find ZARIBA_SSP_MASTER_DATA_PULL  but seems that it is not used for supplier extraction from SIM + Sourcing perspective