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    Supplier Management

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      My team and I are in a bit of a fix.


      We currently have more than 750 suppliers registered in our Ariba platform. This includes suppliers with whom we have contracts, with whom we have conducted Sourcing Projects (this includes those who were selected/rejected). As you can see, the supplier list looks kind of messy as it does not really give us the real picture of how many suppliers we currently have.


      When I run a report, Ariba shows all these suppliers as "Approved", which obviously is not correct.


      I have an idea to do a kind of a "clean-up" activity where we could filter out those suppliers that were rejected in Sourcing Projects, those we dont have contracts with, etc. and de-activate them so

      that when I run a report, I get the actual count of suppliers.


      Do you think this would work? Or is there a better way I could clean up the mess?



      Reshma D

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          Jesús Roldán Journeyman

          Hi Reshma,


          As far as I understand, the report that you get is correct. You have in your database more than 750 suppliers and most of them are "potential suppliers" which means that you can invite them to an event or add to a contract workspace.

          If you want to know how many suppliers do you have awarded and with contracts you should use other reports based on Sourcing and Contracts.


          Be careful, if you deactivate a supplier, this won't appear as an possible participant of an event for example.

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