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    Does anyone know how to create questionnaires in Ariba Sourcing?

    Alexandra Napoles Newbie

      Currently, we have one RFP template in our sourcing library for all the different commodities we support. The challenge is that there are about 5 sections within the template that are project and commodity specific. Rather than continuously modifying the template to meet the requirements for each project and commodity, I’d like to learn how to create a questionnaire in Ariba that can be created by each commodity manager and inserted as part of the RFP template. To clarify, the questionnaire should not be an attachment to the RFP template, but an insert that will populate the commodity specific sections and content. This will help us improve our RFP template and reduce the time needed to update the template for each project. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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          David Morel Master



          You can create content documents in the Sourcing Library that look just like event content and have your users pull them in when they need a section(s) for their events.  You can organize in folders and they can drill in to what they are seeking.  You can also add editors to the content so others can maintain the content.  Lastly, you can search the library on a lot of elements, even commodity if you added such to the content document.


          Check it out, I think it might be of value.