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    Import / Export feature on sourcing events

    Neil Campbell Expert

      I'm interested in how other Ariba users view this feature, in my experience it is very useful and save a lot of time....I'd like to see the following enhancements though .....


      1. I'd like to see each field in the spreadsheet have a drop down box that relates to the information needing to go in to the cell.

      For example: "Type" can be Question, Section, Requirement etc.... why can't this be a drop down option in the import sheet to select from, if this was replicated in all fields it would make life easier. The options you need to enter are in the "orange section" at the top buthaving them in the cell would make life easier.


      2. Also, it would be good if there was a cut down version of the import sheet also available with just the critical fields included for creating content. Advanced activity like scoring etc could be added later. The point of this is that I want my stakeholders in the business to have a quick "Ariba ready" way to document requirements. Something quick and simple that doesn't need re-formatting to get it back into the tool.


      At the moment the detailed spreadsheet isn't appropriate to give to business stakeholders as it's too detailed and scares them off.