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    Ariba contracts publishing to SAP ERP

    Kaustubh M Journeyman

      I believe standard integrating approach for Ariba Contracts and SAP ERP is based on either of the following.

      Option 1 - Best Approach

      Web Services provide for real-time integration of the Ariba procurement solutions with SAP R/3 systems using NetWeaver XI/PI.


      When a contract is created in a procurement solution, which is configured to be sent to SAP, theWeb Services generate a SOAP message based on the WSDL and dispatches it to aWeb Services server such as NetWeaver XI/PI using the URL configured through the Ariba Administrator.


      SAP NetWeaver XI/PI is configured to receive SOAP messages using the SOAP adapter. It transforms the data using the messaging mapping and converts the SOAP message to SAP format (typically RFC). SAP XI/PI RFC adapter then transmits the information to SAP R/3 system based on the configuration.


      In SAP R/3, data is created using RFC/BAPI and the response (Success or failure) is sent back to XI, which again transforms the data and sends it back to the Ariba procurement solutions through theWeb Services. The response is then updated in the respective procurement solution. [Note - this part of the call is imilar to the call from SAP Sourcing to ERP]


      Option 2 – May not fit Organization security rules and fTP protocols, but probable too.

      1. 1. The Data Transfer Tool exports data from Ariba Procurement Solutions in the form of CSV files.

      2 The ABAP program in SAP ERP based on event can then read these CSV files and transfers data to the SAP R/3 system as a IDOC processing

      3 The ABAP program can then retrieve the status of each export transaction from the SAP R/3 system.

      4 The Data Transfer tool reads these CSV files and uploads the status into Ariba procurement solutions.


      Question - Is there a limitation within  Ariba cloud to transmit contracts to ERP in the above framework?