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    Query About Payment Terms

    Anish Bhattacharya Journeyman

      Hi All



      I am looking for a way by which the default Payment Terms can be changed.

      In the Service Admin Guide, I found that the Application.Procure.DefaultPaymentTerms parameter specifies the default payment terms, which are used when there are no payment terms specified on an invoice, purchase order, contract, supplier, or other location.



      Can somebody advice ? Who can change the default Payment Terms ? Can the Supplier or Buyer do that ? How they can do it ? Or do we have to raise a SR for Ariba everytime the default Payment Terms need to be changed ?




        • Re: Query About Payment Terms
          Rodrigo Camargo Novice

          Are you on Ariba 9r1?

          If so, the Buyer is able to change the payment term of the Purchase Requisition. They just need to edit the requisition and change the payment term.

          Not sure if your Ariba allows this change, sometimes due the Ariba´s design this field is not available ´cause the Payment Term follow the same information as registered in the vendor master in SAP.