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    Migration from Ariba on Premise to Ariba on Demand

    Rodrigo Camargo Novice

      Hi guys,

      We´re moving from Ariba on Premise to Ariba on Demand and also moving from SUN (erp) to SAP and I have somes concerns that I´d like to share with you guys.

      I know that the Ariba on Premise is focused on customization while Ariba on Demand is just the opposite.  Follow my concerns;


      1- Payment Term

      Payment term is not visible to the users in Ariba on Demand, right? The PO will be based on the Payment Term registered in the vendor master in SAP.


      2- Goods Receipts for Service Orders

      Service orders are classified as 2 way match, means that the receiving is not needed in SAP. Just need to do the MIRO.

      Is it possible to turn on the service receiving in SAP as well?

      Is it possible to activate the MIGO for services in SAP and reflect this receiving in Ariba?


      3- Goods Receipts for Material Orders

      Is it possible to reflect the Ariba receiving in SAP without any configuration of the ERP? or pull the MIGO to Ariba?

      Our idea is to do only to receivings, MIGO and MIRO instead of Ariba > MIGO > MIRO.


      4- EPAY approval flow

      We identified the needed to add a person from TAX in the approval flow to make sure that the invoice is attached in the document, this approver should be placed as firts of all.

      Is it possible?


      5- TAX Code

      There is any chance to become the field Tax Code, NBM Code and Tax Type visible in the Purchase Requisition on Ariba on Demand as in Ariba on Premise?


      6- Ariba Network

      All invoices should be placed in Ariba Network, so the vendor will send it thru XML,CSV or EDI and the AN will work on it, send to the buyer reconciliate and if it´s good the invoice will be scheduled to pay.

      Once the invoice is paid, how do I know that the invoice is ok?

      All suppliers needs access to AN, right?

      How this invoice will appear in SAP for the Accounts Payable team?

      What is difference between AN vendor and non AN Vendors?

      How do I register a vendor in AN?

      Is possible to see they information like payment term,inconterms?


      7- Ariba Reports

      What kind of reports does Ariba run?

      Should I put any other tool like Views from Oracle?


      8- CutOver plan

      Is it possible to migrate date from On Premise to On Demand?

      If so, what kind of data?


      9- PO range

      Is it possible to configure the PO range as I want? For example, PO is going to start with 55 and EPAY as 11


      10- Pre Payment

      If I need to create a Pre Payment, so i need to create a PO with 100% of the total amount and then create the Pre Payment with 50% to the supplier.

      How does the amount gonna be managed? I mean, the amount of the Pre Payment will discount from the PO?


      11- Direct Vendor in Ariba

      What kind of trouble a direct vendor may cause to the user or the business?


      Hope to see some insights about my concerns.


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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Rodrigo:


          I contacted Bobby Arzola, who is the Ariba customer engagement executive for Zoetis. He provided the following response to your posting:


          "It sounds like Zoetis may have started solution confirmation activities for their Brazil deployment.  Although On-Premise customers have the ability to make significant customizations, the On-Demand solutions should not be viewed as lacking in functionality.  There are Ariba/SAP solutions for many of the business requirements you referenced.  Rodrigo, if you have not already done so, I would encourage you to speak with the Zoetis global implementation leads (Gary Cleek and Bruce Reid) as they may be able to provide additional guidance on approved solutions that are in alignment with their global model."


          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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            Vilas Swamy Master

            Hi Rodrego,


            Most questions you asked need a lots of assumptions to be made by anybody to respond. It would be good if you could do the following, if you will.


            1. You should include more details about the actual solution of Ariba and SAP your are referring to. Especially with Ariba you have to mention if you have chosen for a Source to Pay or Procure to Pay or Source to Contract or just Invoicing etc.

            2. Give some background about the data that you have and looking to migrate.

            3. Your question should be split in at-least 6-8 different questions so its easier to respond and state assumptions

            4. For each split question you should provide details on the level of/key customizations you have made in Ariba On-Premise along with on-premise version that you currently on.

            5. Try to include as much information on questions you have on as-is state of your transactions related to that question.


            Some questions I can try and answer for you:

            Answer to Question 2: Ariba treats material or service as an item an all items can be received

            Answer to Question 7. Ariba provides reporting across all transactions that happen in Ariba and you need not use other tool if reporting is limited to transactions in Ariba. Also there is an option to import external data and referred to as Data Enrichment and it will have its advantages and challenges.

            Answer to Question 8. Yes, contracts can be bulk loaded, requisitions can be imported etc.

            Answer to Question 9. PO Range can be can be configured in Ariba


            Hope this helps