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    Saving RFI as Templates

    Enobong Inyang Apprentice

      I have an RFI published, I would like to save it as an template for further use, can anybody help point me to the right direction of how to complete the task?

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          David Morel Master

          Yes, this is pretty easy. Here are some steps:

          1. copy an existing rfi template and name it what you want.
          2. edit the template, go to the Content Step in the editor and choose the Content tab.
          3. delete out all the existing content
          4. click the "Add" button and choose "Content from Library"
          5. Select the "Search Library or Events" radio button at the top
          6. in the selection area, select "Past Events" for the "From" field
          7. Search for the event with the content that you wanted to use
          8. Select the event
          9. The system will display the content from that event, just select the content you want to add to the template then click "copy"


          There you go!  If you have any problems, just reach out to support.