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    How to integrate Sourcing with SAP ERP

    shaiek Novice


      I would need an update regarding the different ways for integrating Ariba Sourcing with SAP ERP.

      In particular, I am more interested on the Direct material process flow.

      How to route the Direct material requests to the Ariba Sourcing application.

      I would need the latest update on how to transfer a SAP RFQ in Ariba Sourcing Event / RFQ.

      Also I am interested on the latest procedure to replicate SAP ERP Material Master in Ariba Sourcing.


      With kind regards,

      Driss Shaiek

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          David Morel Master

          This is a very significant topic and best handled via a call with the right people who can fully understand your situation. I would recommend you reach out to your Account Executive and they can arrange a call with the right resources from Ariba.

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            Vilas Swamy Master

            Hi Driss,


            One of the common ways of integration between SAP ERP and Ariba is using web services (iDOC ->SOAP->WSDL). Is there a way you have already figured out to distinguish direct material in SAP technically? if not you will have to buid that identification first. Also, what is the intention to replicate material master in Ariba Sourcing? Is your sourcing instance new? with exiting master data or no master data exists? Generally Ariba Sourcing comes with pre-loaded UNSPSC commodity code you might have to create custom commodity code domain and provide mappings to UNSPSC.