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      I have just joined the team and I need some guidance on administration.  How do I best:

      1) Run reports on all of our contract workspaces and related attributes?

      2) Run a report on all enterprise users to include user id, LName, FName, email address, last login date, and all of the roles they currently have?


      This system has only been used as a large repository with no one looking to the details of what data should be captured, naming conventions for projects, workspaces, documents, etc.  I need to see where things stand today in order to know where we go from here and launch SpendVis. 

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          Debbie Curtis-Magley Master

          Hi Marcheta:


          Welcome to the Ariba Exchange community!


          I reached out to your Ariba Customer Engagement Executive, Tim Mitchell. Based on the nature of your questions, Tim suggests that you contact support for further assistance.


          Debbie Curtis-Magley

          Ariba Exchange Community Manager

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            Vilas Swamy Master

            Hi Marcheta,


            For contract workspace related data you should be able to find a standard export event Manage -> Administration -> Data  Import/Export -> Export tab -> search for word "contract"


            And you should see an export event that will read out something similar to export contract workspace header data. This report will give you all the contract workspaces header data I.e. all the fields that you complete while creating a contract workspace. This should give you a starting point for your analysis.


            On the enterprise users data, you might need a custom report (contact Ariba support) for last login date, rest of the data can be found in the Enterprise Users data export event.




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