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    Heads up for Supplier that Event is on the way

    Awanendra Singh Newbie



      I am looking forward a mechanism to send email notification to supplier's from sourcing project that - RFX is on the way. I know Ariba doesn't provide any email notification mechanism to supplier before event is published. Messaging only applicable from event lvel.


      I tried connecting with Ariba guru's but every one recommended Prebid option which is always not true in my case, Can you please help me to undeerstand and confirm ?




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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Awanendra,


          I would agree with others and recommend using the preview period (Publish to Prebid review/bidding start time). If your event(s) should not allow any pre-bids, you can set the event rule to not allow pre-bids. No all this is done to give vendors/participants to view details of your event. If I can read between the lines, you are looking for just a heads up message to vendors/participants without wanting to give any details about the event but there exists no such functionality but you may use a workaround but at your own risk.



          1. Create a test event with minimum mandatory details and publish it

          2. Use message board for notifications

          3. Once the content and other details are finalized, complete the event by editing it

          4. Publish all final changes along with setting the test project parameter to "NO"



          Note: Using this approach can confuse participants in real/test events especially the new ones and may create chaos!!