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    SPQ Information duplication for Parent / Child Organisations

    ashutosh Journeyman

      Wanted to understand how can we implement the parent / child hierarchy in SPQ.


      For example: There are four supplier organisations A, A.1, A.2, A3. Company A is marked as the parent for A1. And Company A1 is the parent organisation for A2 and A3. 

      If we ask Company A to fill the SPQ, then how can we ensure that the same set of questions are not repeated for all child organisations. Ideally the high level information should be pre-filled and non editable for A1,A2,A3.


      For ease of understanding:


      Supplier Organisation A: Global Headquarters of a major supplier

      Supplier Organisation A1: Key Account Manager for a particular client with whom the client signs the Frame Agreements

      Supplier Organisation A2,A3: Regional supplier organisations with whom client places POs

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Ashutosh,


          I am trying to answer this without exactly knowing the real use of what you are intent of SPQ information duplication is. If you are going to use the SPQ information to build your vendors in upstream (i.e. Ariba Sourcing2Contracts) you are probably deviating from the best practice. Single Supplier Organization profile in Ariba can hold multiple addresses and multiple supplier contacts . Also, you can set supplier Org A as parent to Supplier org A1,A2,A3. Ideally if A,A1,A2,A3 are different legal entities then most often than not their basic profile information will always differ so duplication will not help.


          If you are wanting to add a supplier in order to send a PO to them then you are wanting to create a supplier in Ariba downstream (P2P). Please note that the supplier object in Ariba is completely different in Upstream and Downstream and they do not have any direct relation technically.