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    Review Task Notifications

    Mike Horrigan Apprentice

      When my organization first deployed the Contract Management module we utilized a single review task within the Contract Workspace to assign contracts to our attorneys for review.  I modified the messaging template for that the attorneys received to provide the reviewing attorney with particular information. We have since added an additional review task for different stakeholders throughout the organization. My issue is that each of these review tasks require specific information upfront in their notification emails.  It does not look as though you can create more than one messaging template for internal reviewers within the contract workspace and I am currently having to follow up with an additional email with the specific information.  Has any one else experienced this issue? If so, is there any suggestions you could provide?

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Mike,


          Instead of using a custom notification email you can create different tasks at the template level for each email reviewer and in build the standard text in task description. You can condition control the visibility of these tasks if you want that certain task to be activated only when a certain field value condition is satisfied. Any portion of the text that cannot be predefined can be added by the project owner before submitting it to the reviewer.


          Hope this helps.




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              Mike Horrigan Apprentice

              Hi Vilas,


              Thank you for the suggestion, however, my team is extremely small and time is at a premium.  I am looking for a way to automate where I can to cut down on mundane and repetitive administrative tasks. 


              Thank you,



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                  Leslie Martensen Master

                  In addition to what Vilas mentioned if you great different task on the the template and you put the appropriate description on the task. In the email you can add a token for task Description. This would automate the appropriate information into the email for the specific task. If you want to keep one task then you would need to put multiple sections in the email one for attorneys and one for other reviewers.


                  Leslie Martensen