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    How to determine license count ?

    Park Foh Chin Journeyman


      We have been using Ariba spent mgmt for past 2 years.

      However, I only took over the admin role for 2 months and have the following questions :


      1) We have 10 user license and 40 team members.

          How to determine 'user license' and 'team members' ?

          Is it by Group Name like "Junior procurement agent" , and etc ?


      2) In the Ariba screen, we can see column on "Has password" and "Last login".

          However, these 2 columns are not exported to spreadsheet.

          Anyway to export these 2 columns to spreadsheet for our own compilations ?


      3) Why columns on "Creation Date" and "Created by Whom" not shown ?


      4) There are all together 68 User Group ?

          What is the definition of each User Group ?


      Pls kindly advise.


      21-May-2015 (Thur) @10:31am

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          Vilas Swamy Master

          Hi Chin,


          If you are an Ariba on-demand (Cloud) customer, you should have access to the downstream enablement workbook which will have a tab names "User Roles". This sheet defines all groups and whether its a user or team member license and definition as per each Ariba module. You should be able to find this in the ariba connect site or raise a service requestwith ariba support team and they will share it with you. Your points 1 and 4 above will be answered alone by this sheet. For #2 and #3 you may check available pre-packaged reports to see if this info is available there or else file and enhancement request if you need that information for your business case.