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    Permanently enabling DFS

    ecalle Expert



      How can I enable DFS permanently? I've followed the instructions below and every time I log back in, Ariba prompts me to enable DFS again?




      1. 1.
        First, go to “Preferences” and select “Change Desktop File Sync”.




      1. 2.
        You will see a little check box to “Disable Desktop File Sync Check”.  This will prevent you from getting the
        notification about enabling DFS
        each time you use the site. 



      1. 3.
        If you want DFS to automatically
        enable each time you login (without having to go through the set-up), enable it






      1. 4.
        Next, you must edit the link you are using to access the site, so that this
        setting will be saved and DFS will
        remain enabled for each new session.  Go
        to “Favorites” and hover over the Ariba Spend Management site link, then
        right-click and select Properties




      1. 5.
        Edit the URL box
        . Delete what is there and add the regular site URL:
        (for example, http://emarkets2008.sourcing.ariba.com).  Then click “Apply” followed by “OK”.