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    How does the "event administrator" group worked ?

    yue hao Master

      The definition of "event administrator" group in the work book is :

      "Members of this group can manage all aspects of any project, and are automatically also members of the Sourcing Agent group. Members can create projects, publish projects, manage suppliers, delete bids, surrogate bid, edit events, submit awards, extend and reduce timings, and view all event content. Members of this group cannot translate projects. If a member of this global group is assigned to a project team, that member has the same abilities as a project owner, even if the user is not a member of the Project Owner group in the project.

      Access to this group must be approved by Ariba."

      Why the user couldn't extend/reduce timing after the auction started(bidding phase) even I have add the user to "event administrator" group?

      But I tried the other way, it worked:

      1. I add the user to an Project group.
      2. Then, I add the "Event administrator" to roles of the project group.
      3. The user can extend/reduce timing after the auction started.

      How does the "event administrator" group worked ? Is there any comprehensive definition?

      Thank you.