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    Buyer System ID

    Hugo GUERIN Expert

      Hi All,


      Does any one has the process to change the Buyersystem ID for the suppliers ID ?

      Thank you

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          Maria Gammon Master

          If you have the integrated suite (upstream/downstream) the buyersystemid can't be updated. Otherwise you can update via the Supplier Org profile Actions edit org ids or via CSV import

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              Hugo GUERIN Expert

              TY Maria again, :-)

              I'd like to do it by mass upload, so by CSV import.

              do you know which import I have to use ? data import / export, but after which import .?



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                  pachaura Master

                  Hi Hugo,


                  I will not suggest to change the buyersystem ids in mass through CSV as there are transactions in the system which are related to these vendors. If the buyersystem IDs are changed these transactions will be impacted.


                  Also, you need to check that there are 3 level of supplier hierarchy which need to be uploaded in correct order. Check for SupplierIDs.csv and SupplierOrganizations.csv



                  Ravi Pachauri