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    Import Sourcing Event - Excel 97-2003 limitation

    Rostislav Oklestek Expert



      is there any way or trick how to have more the 256 terms in the Ariba event if we integrate via Web Service Import Sourcing Event and still use the Excel 97-2003 format? We faced this limitation in Excel 97-2003 when we were preparing Pricing sheet where terms/attributes are defined as Excel columns and this Excel version supports max. 256 columns.


      We would like to use this Excel version for some time until we migrate to a new integration broker but at the same time we want to provide new terms in existing events (>256).


      Btw. The 'Import Content from Excel' function in Ariba is still using the Excel 97-2003 format?


      Thank you,


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          David Morel Master

          First, what are you sourcing that you need more than 256 terms? Second, from what solution are you integrating?



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              Rostislav Oklestek Expert

              Hi David,


              1) We need to construct an sourcing event for many components of different component types. Each component type can have almost disjunctive set of terms (about 50) and each component is defined as a Lot within one Ariba sourcing event.Some of terms/attributes are part of formula of the total cost, the rest is used for gathering of additional information for buyers.


              2) the integration is implemented between our ERP system (IFS) and Ariba. ImportSourcingEvent web service is used to upload event to Ariba with prefilled values (component code, description, ...). The event is constructed dynamically our side and can contain different number of components (Lots) depending on the product from which is the integration invoked. DownloadAward is used to download result (Award created in Ariba) back to IFS. 


              Currently we need to provide more component types and we faced the issue with 256 columns of the Excel file used for the integration (97-2003). Do you think there is still a way how we could utilize this old Excel version for our integration or should we rather rewrite the integration for xlsx or change the approach to the integration at all?


              Thank you,