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    SAP Ariba training

    Santosh Chitturu Apprentice


      I have been working in SRM for the past 9 years and now I am willing to learn ARIBA but I am not sure what area I should be concentrating on. I see there are plenty of training courses that are available in training.sap.com but I am not sure which course to opt for. Please can you gurus advice me on the way forward for this please.

      I found a couple of the courses which seemed relevant, please advice what is best way forward in terms of knowledge possession and career perspective.



      Ariba Administration for Procurement


      Ariba Procurement: Requisitioning to Receiving


      Ariba Procurement: Managing and Maintaining Catalogs


      Ariba Procurement: Creating and Managing Invoices



      Santosh Anand Chitturu

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          Pramod Mallya Journeyman

          Hi Santosh,


          Even i am the same boat as yours. I was also a SRM consultant who is now working on Ariba apart from the occasional work which i still do in SRM. From the trainings which you have listed above relates to more on the Procure-To-Pay perspective and the ones which you have mentioned there are pretty good.


          Apart from these there are other things which you might also want to look at such as the Sourcing, Contract modules which are gaining transaction in the current market.


          It is a good time to get equipped in Ariba as the market is slowly moving towards the cloud based procurement system which SAP is also aggressively marketing. All the best for your learnings.


          Thanks & Regards


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              pachaura Master



              If you have been working in SRM since long, I am sure you would not be interested in normal procurement cycle, which remains same in Ariba (apart from look and feel). Therefore, I would suggest you to explore admin area as this will give you deep understanding of master data handling, workflow and processes, notifications, user management, supplier management etc.


              Also, as Pramod rightly pointed out there are upstream modules as well where you may find value of Ariba. Just go with the flow.



              Ravi Pachauri

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              Santosh Chitturu Apprentice

              Thanks Pramod/Ravi,


              I could see a couple of training contents for sourcing, contract and Admin, could you suggest what could be relevant for SRM consultants

              Thanks again for the replies

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                  Pramod Mallya Journeyman

                  Hello Santosh,


                  There are around 25 trainings which are currently available in the Ariba through the SAP training and certification shop. Out of these some of them which are relevant for Contract include AR210, AR220 and AR230 and ones for sourcing include AR110, AR120, AR121 and AR130 and ones related to administration include AR720.


                  One other training which could be of some interest from the Ariba point of view is the one related to Supplier Information and Performance Management (AR310 and AR320).


                  These are all the ones which are primarily related to the upstream modules and since some of them overlap with the others in the same stream choose wisely on the ones you are really interested and would give you knowledge to work on in Ariba.


                  I don't think there are any classroom trainings for Ariba and they are all virtual classrooms. Also there is something known as the Learning HUB which will give you access to many courses as e-learning module.


                  Check the link below which lists all the Ariba courses and also the contents for each of the courses. This will help you to plan better on how you would like to take this forward.






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                      Santosh Chitturu Apprentice

                      Thanks Pramod,

                      I went through the course content and was trying to gauge the course that I should be opting. However I wanted to understand does these courses cover only the transactions and activities in Ariba only? How as a techno functional consultant we can position ourselves?

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                          Pramod Mallya Journeyman

                          Hi Santosh,


                          In Ariba as far as i know from a technical perspective there is hardly anything which is done by the Consultants who are from the Services industry. During implementation of the Ariba Cloud solution, it is normally Ariba who would be doing the initial build and hosting it in one of the data centers for a client. Yes we might have to work on building the client requirements on how the business process would shape up. But if you re comparing it to SAP then yes there would be a marked difference between how a technical person functions in SAP and what his role would be in Ariba (minimal).For any screen changes and parameter changes we have to raise a SR / CR to Ariba and have to provide support to them to get those things done. So technically it would be Ariba which is the focal point here.


                          So i think in Ariba we can position ourselves as the Functional Consultant who would be well aware of the business process and who can liaise with Ariba and the customer to deliver the required business processes. There are various other things which a Ariba Consultant would be dealing with like testing, configurations in Ariba, integration perspective between Ariba and ERP system, data migration between ERP and Ariba etc.


                          And yes there is nothing like transactions to be run in Ariba like in SAP as Ariba is more of Self Service option for the buyers and it is self explanatory. So we may not have to remember a lot of t-codes and reports etc like in SAP.


                          So as we see in most of the courses it would tell you about how the particular processes / activities are performed in Ariba and maybe more in depth information which would help you in mapping the client requirements to Ariba in the initial business blueprint phases.


                          These are just my views having worked in the Ariba solution but yes other might have some different viewpoint.




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                      Andreas Muno Expert


                      there may not currently be any official SAP/Ariba training series available for consultants to be in charge of integrating SAP with or migrating from SAP to Ariba. However, there is some official guidance available from SAP & Ariba for download for free how to do SAP ERP MM integration with the Ariba Network, or how to do Ariba Procure-to-Pay integration with SAP ERP. The guides are called SAP rapid deployment solutions, or RDS for short, and you can find them on the SAP Service Marketplace at

                      You find more information about these two RDS on Ariba Exchange's sister network, SCN, at scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-64734

                      Download the packages to your laptop for anywhere access to the documentation. Browse through the content per scope item and assess the preconditions, system requirements, guides through the configurations, process descriptions, and test scripts. RDS fully equip technical and business consultants to perform the tasks required to implement SAP solutions. Check them out on the SAP Service Marketplace.