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    Export/Import Reports from/to Ariba

    Giuliano Sciuto Expert


      I'd like to export a model report....and import it to another user..


      Can i save it on desktop...and send it , for example, by email ?


      I need Ariba Client Automation for doing it ?


      I'm trying it (throw  "export"  function...) but i received an error messages that tell me that


      Maybe export mean to export only data on excel...or export mean to save a model of that report?


      Thank u all


      Giuliano Sciuto

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          pachaura Master

          Hi Giuliano,


          This is not possible. You would need to do the same manually. I mean extract the report and then send it to user(s).


          Import/ Export is more of data in & out of Ariba client.


          Probable solution is to pull the report data into SAP file location and then call FM to send e-mails.



          Ravi Pachauri

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            Vilas Swamy Master

            Hi Giuliano,


            You can follow the instructions to get rid of the client automation error. On your browser you need to allow active x control, try adding your ariba login URL to trusted sites. You can alo log a request with ariba support team to get it resolved. Ensure you are using a supported browser version.


            Once you solve that issue, you should be able to schedule the report to your email id. Also, once you create a report and save it you can give permissions to specific users/groups to that report provided they have basic reporting permission.





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